This is DwarfHeim,  a brand new spin on the strategy genre. Players cooperate in teams of 4 to build, defend and manage a vibrant dwarven city,  while under constant threat from deadly trolls and other players.

In traditional strategy-games you would control every aspect of your civilization by yourself. DwarfHeim changes this well known formula to give the players something truly unique, by assigning each player to different roles. Each roles has different responsibilities, all of them essential for success. To claim victory the players must learn to cooperate in order to survive and defeat their enemies.


Themidas, a great human general once said that it would take ten human warriors to fell a dwarven one. He was wrong . . . It takes at least twenty.


The diplomats may sport a friendly visage, but underneath they hide quite the opposite. Armed with silver tongues and golden coins, their wit is as keen as the sharpest axe.


The builder might take some time getting there, but he always does. His strength lies in planning and foresight, and you’ll be hard pressed to find a scenario he never considered.


The miner doesn’t care what the roof over his head is made of, as long as it’s rock. The miner can chisel anything out of a good rock, even a keg of ale, if the rumors are to be believed.